Survivor-Informed Suicide Prevention

LIVED EXPERIENCE SPEAKER & EDUCATOR guiding healthcare providers, institutions, families, and individuals to navigate the complexities of life’s darkest moments.

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As a multiple attempt suicide survivor, it is my mission to save lives by educating and informing health institutions and families on how to connect, support and transform systems and communication to better aid those in crisis

The bravest thing I ever did was continuing my life when I wanted to die.
― Juliette Lewis

Speaking & Keynotes

As a national public speaker, I bring a heartfelt and personalized message to organizations working towards suicide prevention and education.


I offer a lived experience perspective to providers at  health institutes, hospitals and service organizations to improve the current standard of care practices, in order to better support individuals in crisis.


Providing Education, training and tools for frontline workers and other staff, to understand the complexities of what a person who is experiencing crisis is thinking and feeling. And I also provide formal training for those who have been touched by suicide in any way and want to learn how to share their story publicly, to help in suicide prevention.

Diana is affectionately called “the heart of suicide prevention” not only for her warmth and vulnerability, but for bringing a personal touch to her work in saving lives.

Diana Cortez is a truly outstanding person with lived experience of being suicidal. We first met during a webinar that I did with Marsha Linehan some years ago. Both Marsha I were riveted by her incredible story and her earnest description of her struggles and experiences within conventional mental health care. Diana is an extraordinary success story of someone who struggled but nevertheless persevered ultimately engaging in DBT that proved to be transformative and life-saving. I have since done other presentations with Diana who has emerged as a remarkable voice within the lived experience community. Her story, her challenges, and her ultimate success through evidence-based care are both inspiring and a model for what is possible in the face of suicidal despair.


David A. Jobes, Ph.D., ABPP
Professor of Psychology
Associate Director of Clinical Training
Director, Suicide Prevention Laboratory
The Catholic University of America
Department of Psychology

We sponsored Diana Cortez to speak to our community to promote suicide awareness.  Diana presented her own experiences with depression and made a significant positive impact on those attending.


Bob Anderson
Gig Harbor, Key Penninsula Suicide Prevention Coalition

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