Hope keeps us alive, connection allows us to thrive” ~ Diana Yanez Cortez


Hi, I’m Diana.

I am a suicide attempt survivor, I am grateful to be a national public speaker, an advocate and trainer for suicide prevention. I know the pain and suffering of dark days and wanting to end it all.   I spent 30 years as a patient in the behavioral health system and I can offer a lived experience perspective. This is helpful to health providers, institutions and and anyone interested in suicide awareness and prevention.  

As a Latina I’m committed to serve the Latino community as well.  I understand the unique challenges that can arise when seeking help around suicide and mental health.


A darkness loomed over me for many years and I struggled to find hope, purpose and a reason to live. I made multiple attempts to end my life and was a patient in the behavioral health system for over 30 years.  During this time, I experienced first hand what was helpful and what was not.  

In 2012, I was introduced to Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, a profound and life saving treatment that shifted my trajectory.

As a lived experience survivor, I have dedicated myself to being a public speaker and advocate in suicide prevention and peer specialist.  I’m passionate about sharing my experience to enlighten and help improve the interaction between those going through this traumatic experience and the professionals they encounter in the health care system.

I am currently on the Lived Experience Board of the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention ( AFSP )

I’ve had the opportunity to share my story internationally and in many different platforms such as, the White House, Facebook’s launch of suicide prevention feature, Canadian Health Magazine, Washington State Behavioral Health brochure, NPR, Indian Health Services, Centerstone, Now Matters Now, Live Through This, Jasper and Zero Suicide. I continue to look for an accept more ways to help in suicide prevention.