Suicide Prevention Training

I teach people and organizations the important process of identifying and supporting  individuals with suicidal tendencies.

Heart-centered training programs for best outcomes to support at-risk populations

Using my own experience of being in the Behavioral Health System for 30 yrs, from out patient to Hospitals, I teach people and organizations how to identify and support those most at risk.

Topics covered in Suicide Prevention Training Programs:

  1. Evaluate current practices and provide lived experience perspective
  2. Provide red flags to watch for in community
  3. Review current process of working with families of someone who is suicidal or an attempt survivor and provide guidance
  4. Clarify and determine training needs
  5. Key English and Spanish terms

Customized Training Programs for Your Needs

My training programs can be customized for the needs of your organization and the client/patient base that you serve.  Trainings range from 4 hours to multi-day programs.

The first step is to set up a consultation call where we can discuss your needs and desired outcomes.  From there I will put together a detailed proposal outlying the structure and details of the training.

Survivor Training Programs

This formal training program is for suicide survivors who would like to learn to tell their story publicly.  I offer coaching and training programs covering what to say and not to say in order to share your story in the most effective way, while not re-traumatizing yourself or others.  I also offer guidance on networking and public speaking in order to reach communities where you can make a real difference in saving lives.